Parfums De Marly Brings Out Coffrets For The Festive Season

Parfums de Marly presents a range of Coffrets to ring in the season of festivities with full of fragrance

For the end of this year, Parfums de Marly presents a range of Coffrets including their iconic fragrances for the festive season as the perfect gift with Coffret Pegasus, Coffret Herod and Coffret Galloway.

Coffret PegasusPDM Coffret v3 Pegasus

Christened after the iconic 18th century horse race winner and renowned predecessor of many future celebrated champions, Parfums De Marly best seller fragrance Pegasus depicts the winning spirit of its namesake. True to its roots and fit for a gentleman, this scent is made up of a stimulating blend of bergamot and almond which dries down into a vanilla, sandalwood and amber base. Sold in a luxurious velvet-lined box, the Pegasus Coffret set contains the
125 ml Pegasus fragrance and a woody candle incense of 300 grams.

Coffret Herod

PDM Coffret v3 Herod

Exuding a smoky vanilla scent, the regality of the stallion Herod that this perfume is named after, is personified by the blend of diverse notes found in it. Starting at the base with wood notes of vanilla pods, cedarwood, vetyver, patchouli, Iso E Super and Cypriol musk, the fragrance boasts of floral middle notes of osmantinus, tobacco leaves, frankincense and ciste, topped off with fresh notes of cinnamon and pepperwood. The Herod Coffret set contains the 125 ml Herod perfume and a Bougie Oriental – Cinnamone 300 grams.

Coffret Galloway

PDM Coffret v3 Galloway

Galloway, has been christened after the white robust horse that was discovered in the 18th century in the deep valleys of South Scotland. The perfume boasts of top notes of hesperides and moves on to become more sensual with the combination of amber and musk. All in all, the divine mixture of notes bring out an elegant and forceful signature. The Galloway Coffret set contains the 125 ml Galloway perfume and an Imperial Rose candle of 300 grams.

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