Signature Perfumes Launch ‘Sapphire’

A brave fragrance for the poised and sophisticated, Sapphire by Signature Perfumes is exclusively available at Paris Gallery

SIGNATURE Perfumes offer a unique collection that boasts finesse combined with modern, powerful scents. The latest addition to its luxury range, Sapphire is exclusively available at Paris Gallery.

rsz_Signature_Sapphire_AED-850_EDPInspired by the sapphire stone which symbolises nobility, truth and romance, Sapphire captures the royal spirit of the stunning blue gemstone. This brave and provocative composition brings together the finest hand-selected ingredients to celebrate royal sophistication, dignity and power.

The exquisite composition features a spicy touch of pink pepper which plays with the fervent warmth of tonka bean and an amber accord. A combination of earthy notes melt into a deep leather accord to form a long lasting scent of individuality and sensuality, leaving a divine and powerful trail.

Olfactory Notes of Sapphire:

Pink Pepper, Oil Of Clary Sage, Juniper Essence, Green Mate Absolute, Oil Of Flouve, Iris Concrete, Tonka Bean, Leather Accord, Oil Of Birch, Amber Accord

Available in 100 ml, at retail price AED 850

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