Salvatore Ferragamo: Acqua Essenziale


According to the style of Salvatore Ferragamo, authenticity is the highest form of luxury.

Acqua-Essenziale-RangeFrom this philosophy comes the inspiration for Acqua Essenziale. A combination between essence as the highest form of authenticity, and water as the most essential natural element.

A signature scent that celebrates a mans real essence.


The geometric shape combined to the purity of the glass and the re ned blue-grey shade of the juice, perfectly expresses essential elegance and liberty. e shiny silver tag with the brands logo at the base is an ideal signature to give this iconic bo le the Ferragamo ID. e precious and heavy metallic cap is characterized by a circle of black caoutchouc.

The subtly blue-grey box is decorated with a modern silver shiny tag that gives a luxurious feel to Salvatore Ferragamo logo. On the textured paper with luminous nish gleams the Acqua Essenziale logo as a central iconic element.

Designers: Fanny Le Bonniec and Oscar Del Cerro


The highly quality citruses and crispy green notes of Mint and Lemon Tree Leaf strengthen the freshness and provides a casual vibration to the top note.

The heart reveals aromatic tonalities of elegant Geranium, Rosemary and Lavender shaken by a surprising twist of a cu ing-edge molecule, the Cascalone, which instills an acquatic breath to the fragrance.

In the dry down the fragrance captures the distinctive style of woods, Patchouli and Vetiver, and the comfort of Cistus.

An authentic signature that dives into the modernity of Helveltolide, a new musk playing with its oral uniqueness.

Olfactive Family: Aromatic Tonic
Perfumer: Alberto Morillas (Firmenich)


The portrait of a man who reconciles himself with his essence through a moment of personal intimacy and authentic freedom.

A special state of mind is captured to encode the truly genuine character of Salvatore Ferragamos Essential Water: Acqua Essenziale.

Top model and testimonial Gare Ne perfectly embodies the re ned yet manly character of Salvatore Ferragamos masculine archetype.

Model: Garre Ne Photographer: Camilla Akrans
Film Director: Nicolas Garnier
Agency: Onirim


  • Suggested Retail Price (Europe based)
  • 30 ml Eau de Toile e Spray
  • 50 ml Eau de Toile e Spray
  • 100 ml Eau de Toile e Spray
  • 100 ml A er Shave Lotion
  • 200 ml A er Shave Balm
  • 200 ml Shampoo & Shower Gel
  • 75 ml Deodorant Stick

Top Notes

Grapefruit, Mint, Mandarin, Lemon Tree Leaf

Heart Notes

Geranium, Cascalone, Rosemary, Lavander

Dry Down Notes

Patchouli, Helvetolide, Cistus, Vetiver

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