Passion De L’Amour: Mesmerising New Fragrance By House Of Sillage

House of Sillage, a name synonymous with world class perfumes has recently launched the Passion De L’Amour, a specially developed mesmerising fragrance that represents a symphony of elegance, class and tradition

Passion de l'amour
Passion De L’Amour is the latest addition to the signature collection by House of Sillage, a renowned name in the domain of Haute Parfumerie

Passion De L’Amour is the latest addition to the House of Sillage collection of signature line perfumes. The exotic new perfume comprises of blend of vanilla and caramel entice  you along with subtle yet strong notes of oud that leave a lasting fragrance. Manufactured under the highest standards of quality, this perfume carries forth the legacy of House of Sillage to use essential elements that define the highest standards of luxury.

From the rare and exotic elements used to create the fragrance to the carefully crafted bottle, every feature is exquisitely detailed making Passion De L’Amour a prized possession for perfume connoisseurs of the world.

Olfactory notes of Passion De L’Amour:

Top Note: Bergamot, Saffron, Raspberry

Heart Note: Caramel, Lily of the valley, Amyris oil

Base Note: Vanilla, Agar Wood, Liatrix Absolute, Patchouli


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