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John Eisenberg is known for his distinguished tastes in beauty and art as well as passion for technology. He started very early at the age of 13 and progressed rapidly to work with some of the biggest names in the industry

José Eisenberg started very young. In Florence, at the age of 13 in 1958, he started as an apprentice in fashion designing; and by 22, he was already working with the biggest names in France and Italy as a successful fashion designer. Besides this, his keen interest in technology saw him dabbling in domains which even today are considered highly specialised and advanced (this includes research in ‘Artificial Intelligence’ related projects almost 40 years ago).

José dared to challenge conventions, and with his skills and talent in fashion, beauty and technology, he went on to discover the Trio-Molecular® formula that changed the way the world saw skin care.

But that wasn’t enough. José wanted to complete the beauty experience for his products’ end user, which inspired his recent foray into perfumes and fragrances. After three years of collaboration with an artist he created the visuals which could convey what he wanted from his perfumes in his collection — L’Art du Parfum.

As a person, José Eisenberg is a unique contradiction of a very strong yet emotional man. He refers to himself as a humanist, and adores people and relationships — a fact evident in your interactions with him, however short. He comes out as someone ready to open up all his feelings to you even if he has met you for the first time in his life. When asked about his experience for this maiden visit to Dubai, he simply says, “I love it! In my wildest imagination, I would not expect that Dubai is what I am seeing. I am feeling each moment and it is unbelievable.”

There’s something unique about the man and his aura, as is his love for beauty and technology. “This relationship between beauty and technology is universal. And I am no different!” he says. “It’s very important for one to combine the two. I have not heard someone say ‘Oh! What a technologically great engine that car has’… it’s always, ‘What a beautiful car!’ And inspite of the beauty the car has to be technologically perfect.”

What does perfume mean to him? “Oh, perfume. Perfume is emotions!” he responds emphatically. Drawing a parallel between emotions and memories, he explains how each memory carries a different emotion and how these can be rekindled by familiar smells. Each memory and emotion is connected to a fragrance and it’s this aspect of perfumes that’s so special. Every perfume can take you to a moment or a memory and open up a whole new world, which is almost magical.

His magical inspiration comes from ‘Renaissance’. A lover of Florence and everything it stands for, José is very passionate about the art, the culture and the science of the Renaissance era. “Everything you see today, be it fashion, beauty, technology or even politics has its roots in the Renaissance in Florence, Italy.” Florence incidentally also happens to be the place that José hails from.

“Let me take you back to 1580,” states José, taking us on back in time. “Catherine de Médicis of the royal family of Italy married the future king of France. The origins of perfumes are from Florence and not from France. It was she who carried all the know-how to France and she wanted to find a place in France that was similar to Florence. She found this place in Grasse, which had the same seven hills like in Florence and which matched the temperature and natural surroundings too. And she was the one to sow the seeds of the future French perfumery, which she brought with herself from Florence.”

Jose Eisenberg
José Eisenberg started very young. In Florence, at the age of 13 in 1958, he started as an apprentice in fashion designing; and by 22, he was already working with the biggest names in France and Italy as a successful fashion designer

What José aims to do, is to renew this relationship between Florence and France with his perfumes. L’Art du Parfum is a very interesting collection with 15 products in its range. Each product is created by José Eisenberg and he is very clear and strong about his tastes and the choices he offers. He refuses to modify it for any region as he feels that the product is based on what he has chosen to create; and if a person or region likes it that’s good, but he will never commercialise a product simply to suit any particular region.

He is candid enough to say that he does not believe in differentiating between men and women. And he would rather refer to the user of Eisenberg perfumes as a person. And it’s almost impossible to ask this ‘humanist’ to show a bias towards anyone. “At the end of the day we are all the same. There’s no difference between you, me and anybody else. We all wear masks of being different and I feel, under these masks, we are all humans. And as humans, to me everyone should be able to wear my perfumes. I have created a wide enough range to suit everyone and I hope that people find something in my collection that they would like to use.”

The legacy of Eisenberg seems to be headed in the right direction. Under the aegis of José Eisenberg, there are going to be many more perfumes that will be launched. While we wait for those, here are some from the current selection for you to choose from:


Perfect for a confident seduction!


Totally irresistible!


A perfume for a sparkling personality!


EISENBERG’s cult fragrance! Intriguing and unforgettable!



The olfactory memory of true passion!




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