Parfums De Marly's Limited Edition Pegasus Coffret

The scent of Royalty, bottled and presented in a limited edition collection

Pegasus Coffret
Limited Edition Pegasus Coffret

After the success of their scent Godolphin, Parfums de Marly presents what can be called an upgrade on the regal fragrance – The Pegasus Coffret.

Sold in a luxurious velvet-lined box, the Pegasus Coffret set contains 125 ml Pegasus fragrance and an 8 ml golden Tolla.

Christened after the iconic 18th century horse race winner and renowned predecessor of many celebrated champions, Parfums De Marly’s bestseller fragrance Pegasus depicts the winning spirit of its namesake. Pegasus is a heady fougère scent that adds a touch of equestrian appeal to the distinct masculine flavour that is the trademark of all Parfums De Marly fragrances. Made up of a stimulating blend of bergamot and almond, the notes graduate to a vanilla, sandalwood and amber base.

The Tolla is available in a beautiful and exquisite gold container shaped like a scroll holder used by the kings to pass messages. Filled with the oil of Pegasus and the essence of pure Soufi Oudh, this product packs all the earthy notes in one little vial.

Pegasus Coffret is being released as a limited edition available in all the main perfumeries of the region and makes for the perfect Eid gift.

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