Paisley By Etro

The Paisley motif is a very old pattern with a wealth of meanings.

Its origins are lost in the mists of time and they have inspired the Etro tradition. In ancient Mesopotamia, the swirling leaf of the Paisley design represented the shoots of the date palm, the Tree of Life which provided food and protection, and which was a symbol of perpetual regeneration and hence of existence in its most dynamic sense.

Paisley-EDP-hires---319It is a floral design that has ranged from the mountains of the Orient to the western seas, giving rise to a fabulous mosaic that seems to float in the breeze, fluttering from the scarves of Kashmir to the looms of Scotland in the 1800s.

Centuries of history, of voyages, of culture and of wealth are condensed within that coloured droplet, which is charged with depth and meaning. The wearers of this complex symbol celebrated its bonds with an ever-changing world.

Paisley has always been a distinguishing trait of Etro, and today it is a new perfume that pays homage to the brand’s tradition and history. It is a subtle fragrance, pervasive and redolent, which, like a tattoo, will strongly identify the personality of the woman who wears it.

It is a sensation that envelops the body and the mind, just like the treasured Paisley design on the bottle. It is unmistakable, like the character of its contents: seductive and never submissive.

Exotic floral tones delineate a woman who sagely combines the innovation of modernity with the aromatic traditions of the five continents, who is at ease in a sensory equilibrium where East meets West without conflict or confusion, creating individualism abounding in suggestions and sentiments.

It is an icon, a philosophy of life, a cultural choice composed of energy and passion. It is the confirmation of a femininity that is emphasized and gratified, respected and dreamed, and which is timeless, because it has embraced time as its personal challenge and raison d’être. Etro Paisley embellishes a woman who knows how to live by day and savour the night, who loves the metropolises of the world as much as she adores the oceans and the snows, and who follows magnificent trails forever intersecting the paths of her heart.


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