Oud Malaki By Chopard

Chopard’s new masculine fragrance offers the ultimate expression of this meeting of East and West. 

Oud Malaki means “Royal Oud” in Arabic, a fitting name for the most luxurious interpretation of this noble accord. To give it the greatest possible balance and radiance, a peerless artist was called for: the French master perfumer Dominique Ropion, who has signed countless best-sellers since the 1980s and is renowned for the meticulous care he takes in crafting his formulas.


“The idea was to create a mastered and precise construction around beautiful qualities of materials”, Dominique Ropion explains. “It could be compared to the extreme quality and the attention to details brought into Chopard’s products.” His interpretation of the note, he adds, “offers a more refined, structured and complex sensuality than traditional oudh fragrances”.

Oud Malaki opens with bracing, luminous, aromatic top notes. The sunny burst of grapefruit, the cleanliness of lavender and the slight herbal bitterness of artemisia contrast with the addictive smoothness of heart notes, a warm accord of tobacco and spices with leather undertones. To enhance the most elegant facets of his oudh accord, its deep, liqueur-like sensuousness is conjured by Dominique Ropion with a vibrant, textured accord of dark woods and suave ambergris. These upscale ingredients are reflected by the rich amber colour of the juice.

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Dominique Ropion
Dominique Ropion

Top notes : Grapefruit, Lavender, Artemisia
Heart notes : Spices, Leather, Tobacco
Dry-down notes : Oudh, Woody notes, Ambergris

Group : Coty Prestige
Launch date : January 2013
Country of launch : Germany
Bottle creator : Suzanne Dalton



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