Naomi Goodsir's Or du Sérail Is Definitely Not A Tuberose!

Naomi Goodsir’s Or du Sérail takes you to the harems of the Middle East

Bertrand Duchaufour, Naomi Goodsir and Renaud Coutaudier
Bertrand Duchaufour, Naomi Goodsir and Renaud Coutaudier

Australian designer Naomi Goodsir has launched Or du Sérail, the brand’s third fragrance. Or du Sérail means gold seraglio, and this perfume does conjure images of the fantastical interpretations of the royal harems of the Middle East. Alongside the pungent tobacco are notes of dried figs and ripe dates, imparting a sweet succulence. Golden amber aromas, followed by slightly animalic musk and wood notes create a haze of lounging in desert heat in opulent rooms full of warm bodies and textured cloth saturated in smoke from a hookah.

 Or du Sérail
Or du Sérail

A dreamy meditation of dried fruit and Tobacco. The fruit is a mix of Apple, Orange, Mango and Coconut, drizzled with the Honey and Rum. The rich, golden Tobacco is layered with greener, sharper aromatics, like Clary Sage and Maté. Throw in Amber, Vanilla and Labdanum and instead of becoming heavy and velvetlike, it gives the impression of silken veils, each opulent and shimmering with fine embroidery, but sheer and vibrant.

Or du Sérail was developed by perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour.




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