Fruit, Spice And All Things Nice In Nest's Indigo

Nest’s Indigo is an ode to exotic fruits and spices

Nest Indigo
Nest Indigo

Laura Slatkin’s Nest Fragrances brand has launched Indigo, a new fragrance for women. Other recent fragrances from Nest include Paradise. The first three fragrances of the collection – Amazon Lily, Midnight Fleur, and Passiflora were introduced in 2012 and immediately attracted the public’s attention with their interesting bottles and compositions. In 2013, Nest launched Dahlia & Vines,and White Sandalwood, while this year sees the launch of the Paradise and Indigo fragrances.

Indigo offers an opulent composition that starts with fresh notes of Bergamot, blending citrus freshness with aromatic nuances of wild Figs. The new edition is characterized with its distinctive chords of Moroccan Tea, warm Cashmere wood, and spicy Cardamom.


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