Musk Oud by Kilian

This marks the launch of the 5th fragrance of the Arabian Nights collection for men and women.

Musk-OudFor the last scent of the ARABIAN NIGHTS collection, I wanted to work with Alberto Morillas. First, because he has been working with the “Oud” accord for a long time (he is the creator of Saint Laurent’s M7 scent). More importantly, however, he understands how to bring comfort and elegance to an extreme olfactive accord, that which I knew would be the difficulty of MUSK OUD. What I wanted from the beginning was a strong animalic scent, yet in a very controlled way. I did not want a fragrance that would become “anecdotal” because the purpose would be too extreme and, therefore, unwearable.

Musk Oud is a perfume built on the contrast between a liquorish overdosed Rose -Bulgarian Rose, Geranium from India and Davana from China – and an animalic Oud accord of great sensuality  – Cypriol, Muscone, Civettone – made comfortable thanks to captive Musks from Firmenich  – Muscenone Delta, Muscenone Dextro.

In the opening, the citrus notes -Lemon and Mandarin -bring a ray of light warmed by spices  – Cardamom and Coriander . A trace Cypress brings an unexpected departure to this unusual  vibrato.

The heart is an explosion of Roses made syrupy and intoxicating thanks to the Rum extract CO2.

The dry down has been built to allow the almost outrageous force of the Oud accord to grow and  take full power. A trace of Frankincense and Indonesian Patchouli bring a smokey facet to the composition saturated with dry woods.

Musk Oud is a caressing animalic scent with a uniquely warm sensuality.

Perfumer: Alberto Morillas

It is available in the following variants:

50 ml Musk Oud Spray

50 ml Musk Oud Refill

30 ml Musk Oud travel spray


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