Le Labo Perfumes Relaunches In The Middle East

Perfume connoisseurs in the Middle East will not get a chance to  enjoy the fresh fragrances by Le Labo perfumes. Touted as one of the most selective perfumes in the world, Le Labo perfumes are based on a unique handmade concept that is very unique to the industry.

Brainchild of Fabrice Penot and Edoudard Roschi who share a common passion for beautiful perfumery, Le Labo Perfumes is manufactured in accordance to the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi or the art of imperfection. Created under the supervision of some of the best noses in the world, Le Labo perfumes use the most quantitative ingredients and freshly made to order.

Le Labo Perfumes Relaunches in Middle East

The essential oil concentrates are kept separate from the alcohol right up to the last moment of purchase. The Le Labo collection comes with a personalized label thus making it a good gifting option for perfume lovers.

Launched in October 2014


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