House Of Sillage: Redefining Luxury With Essential Elements

Revitalising the true meaning of haute perfumerie, House of Sillage has been credited with creating extraordinary fragrances that are rivalled only by their coveted  bottle art designs

Under the expert guidance of founder Nicole Mather, House of Silllage is among the top notch brands dedicated to maintaining the tradition of luxury for the perfume connoisseurs of the world. Each fragrance is carefully manufactured under the expert guidance of some of the best perfumers in France. The efforts of a highly qualified team of noses, artisans and designers are involved in creating the mesmerising fragrances available at House of Sillage.

The birth of a brand

Previously associated with the sales and trading department of some of the biggest financial institutions of America, Nicole Mather, founder of the brand, had been toying with the idea to pursue her love for scents by laying the foundations of her very own line of fragrances. House of Sillage was born as the result of Nicole pursuing her entrepreneurial endeavour and love for perfumes. However, in order to establish the brand, it had to be named. Since House of Sillage was founded with a vision to cater to the consumers in the luxury perfumes segment, the name also had to be in accordance to this vision.

And so the name as we know it today was chosen after being inspired by the multiple facets of French art of perfumery. Sillage pronounced as see-yazh is a french word that literally means the wake that follows water. In the perfume industry, this word is used to symbolize the aromatic trail that follows the wearer of a fragrance and also lingers in their wake. The idea of choosing this name was to connect with the luxury perfume lovers and convey the highest standards of quality used to manufacture mesmerising fragrances at House of Sillage.

In spite of its recent inception, House of Sillage has successfully managed to do so in a short duration of time and so today the company has a strong foothold across diverse geographical markets as it continues to cater to the luxury perfume connoisseurs from different parts of the world.

Love Is In The Air-Hosue of Sillage

The differentiating factor

Being global leaders in the Haute Parfumerie domain, House of Sillage is known to create extraordinary fragrances in exquisitely designed bottles that add to the ultra-luxe feel associated to the perfume. In a world that is consumed by mass produced items of generic quality, House of Sillage delivers the highest standards of luxury through its fragrances using the most essential yet easily ignored ingredients.

Even the design of the bottle is symbolic of the impeccable taste in luxury that has been an integral part of the brand. The sheer detailing of bottle represents the hours of craftsmanship and inspiration, invested to create the design. The exquisite design coupled with bejewelled caps makes each bottle of perfume a treasured and collectible work of art. From the customised bottles that are hand polished and lacquered with ombre finish to the caps coated with multi-faceted Swarovski crystals, every bottle of fragrance coming from the House of Sillage is a prized possession for perfume lovers.

Nicole Mather, Founder & CEO, House of Sillage

As the founder, Nicole herself focuses on distinguishing every detail to uphold the tradition of classic parfumerie while transcending modern conventions in order to cater to the ever-evolving demands of customers in the luxury perfume segment. It is this detailing that comes across as a key differentiating factor for each of the fragrances offered by House of Sillage.

The unwavering quest by House of Sillage to push the design envelope and complement the captivating fragrances has culminated in the production of a signature collection and limited edition releases.

The Signature Collection:

Comprising of Cherry Garden, Love is in the Air and Benevolence, the Signature Collection by House of Sillage is for the people with a refined tastes in perfumes made of exotic ingredients. Each fragrance is a beautiful blend of rare ingredients and proper technique.

Here is a brief preview of some of the fragrances included in the Signature Collection.

Cherry Garden

A fresh, delicate fragrance, this one comes with sweet hues of almond and vanilla. With its Fruity and Wooden notes, this is indeed a long lasting scent for the wearer.

Benevolence by House of Sillage


Benevolence consists of a floral, sweet, and powdery vanilla fragrance containing notes of bitter almond, Tunisian orange blossom and vanilla. The floral notes clearly set it apart from the usual feminine fragrances.

Love Is In The Air

Love is in the Air is a floral – fruity fragrance of plum, citruses, jasmine, rose and white musk. The scent is a blend of floral and fruity notes.

The Limited Edition

Catering to the niche crowd, the Limited Edition collection is a selection of rare fragrances. At House of Sillage, only 100 bottles of each limited edition perfume are produced for distribution across the globe. Each of these bottles is numbered and becomes a valuable possession for the perfume connoisseurs. Currently, the limited edition collection includes Tiara, Emerald Reign, Nouez Moi, Benevolence, Cherry Garden, Love is in the Air and Holiday.

Here is a brief preview of some of the perfumes included in the Limited Edition collection by House of Sillage.

Emerald Reign

Encased with an ornate white tiger on the cap, this is the ideal scent for people who want to wear a fragrance that represents their confidence. Comprising of bold Indonesian nutmeg and spicy Indian cardamom oil, this blend surely stands out as a unique scent.

Holiday by House of Sillage


A warm fragrance featuring blood orange, mandarin, peach, Egyptian jasmine, rose, cedar and vetiver, Holiday blends with your appearance and comes with a lasting scent.


With rare and delicate florals, Tiara is a modern classic perfume with a blend of Floral and Oriental scents.

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