Just Cavalli:Love At First Bite

An alluring scent drifting in the air. Instinctively familiar. Totally bonding. It cannot be denied, let alone ignored. Like a love bite. It is just now, just Cavalli. The chase is on. Are you game?

Just me

Just-Cavalli-for-Him-(1) A sense of poise, a touch of sensuality. Just Cavalli for him is unashamedly masculine, a lesson in style and seduction. Bold and spontaneous, it is the scent of youth and freedom, a call of the wild echoing in the very heart of the city.

Just play

The Just Cavalli man is confident and fully aware of his charm. He likes to seduce and be seduced and revels in the thrill of the chase. Even in an urban and sophisticated environment, he keeps in touch with the animal side of himself.

Just more

Just Cavalli is more than a perfume. It is an attitude, a way of being. Its mark is the Just Cavalli bite, a powerful symbol of belonging. Wearing Just Cavalli is a rite of passage, the initiation to a new urban tribe. It is a sign of destiny. It reunites beings that were meant to be bonded for all eternity. To be one of a kind.

Just scent

Just Cavalli for Him was conceived by master perfumers Domitille Bertier and Clément Gabarry of the IFF Company. It is a fresh leathery wood composition.
Uncompromisingly, it opens with a sizzling note of wild pimento, a powerful symbol of virility and seduction. This striking introduction is closely followed by a sophisticated and sensual heart note of vetiver wood that gives an earthly and slighty smoky quality to the fragrance. The base note of smooth leather adds its rich mix of depth and voluptuousness. Fresh, vibrant and sensual, this fragrance is an ode to youth and seduction.

Just style 

Faithful to the perfume’s spirit, the bottle perfectly embodies its bold manliness. Heavy blue glass sheathed in gun metal give a sense of poise and confidence. Its weight and density reflect the quality of those materials. A blue python-skin collar is wrapped around the stopper of the bottle, reminiscent of the animal instinct it can unleash. On top of this cap is branded the iconic Just Cavalli bite.
The outer carton perfectly matches this intriguing bottle. Soft to the touch, it feels like a living skin. Mirroring the bottle, this carton is enhanced by a gun-metallic upper part. The name of the perfume appears in blue and python-coloured letters. This packaging celebrates the audacity and wildness of this unique perfume.

Just talent

Just-Cavalli-for-Him_Model-visualRising young Brazilian model Marlon Texeira is the face of the new Just Cavalli for Him. His natural sensuality, casual elegance and sense of style made him the perfect match for this uncompromising fragrance. The ad print was shot by Mario Sorrenti. A celebrated fashion photographer, Mario is renowned for the refined sensuousness inherent in his work.
The TV spot was directed by Jonas Akerlund, a talented Swedish director. He has shot amazing music videos for prestigious artists such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, U2 or The Rolling Stones. His vision of a passionate chase between two lovers marked by the Cavalli bite is both sizzling and refined. The film is a vivid and sophisticated tribute to Just Cavalli’s values.

The fragrance will be relased in September 2013.

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