Haute Parfumerie By Maison Lancôme

Maison Lancôme brings a new line of six fragrances, 3 florals and 3 woods, that exquisitely touch on the founder Armand Petitjean’s dream

Lancôme revisits its history in ‘Haute Parfumerie’ thanks to founder Armand Petitjean, who saw know-how as an art of living and the art of living as the ultimate flavour of life itself. The result is Maison Lancôme, a new line of six fragrances, 3 florals and 3 woods, that exquisitely touch on the founder’s dream and, indeed, the very essence of the House itself.

Maison Lancôme gives free rein to six amazingly talented perfumers. So many inspirations, palettes, signatures and worlds, all different and complementary, united by a shared philosophy – the art of blending – rich with multi-facetted expressions to raise olfactory luxury to new heights. They revamp the most beautiful materials of High Perfumery with authenticity, delicious pleasure and originality.

Jasmins-Marzipane-(2)Three florals and just as many oriental fragrances make up a collection designed to satisfy the most demanding and passionate fragrance fans.


Jasmins Marzipane 

Blend by Dominique Ropion

Dominique Ropion blended a duo of the highest quality natural hand-picked jasmines. Sambac Jasmine Absolute conveys explosive, green and radiant luminosity, while Grandiflorum Jasmine Absolute brings more opulent and animal tones with leathery and fruity accents. The Almond Wood signature softens the entire creation. Bourbon Vanilla extract, which exalts the smooth, sensual, spicy and leathery facets of the scent, is accentuated by creamy sandalwood, cashmeran wood and musks.

Lavandes TrianonLavandes-Trianon

Blend by Olivier Gillotin and Shyamala Maisondieu

Olivier Gillotin and Shyamala Maisondieu composed the blend of two lavender varieties from the Provençal Drôme region in France. Fine lavender essence, grown at a high altitude, exalts fresh and explosive notes, while lavender absolute from the Provence valleys reveals warmer, smoother and more sugary balsamic facets. The crystallised vanilla signature adds femininity to the lavender blend. Further, Madagascar Vanilla is mellowed by hot milk and cooked sugar accords that deliciously recreate the aromas of a crème brûlée.


Tubéreuses Castane

Blend by Shyamala Maisondieu

Shyamala Maisondieu brilliantly created the blend of tuberoses in two complementary extractions. Tuberose absolute, harvested at nightfall when the scent of the flower is strongest, proves to be rich, smooth and intense, while tuberose distillate diffuses the delicate, fresh and evanescent whiff of a bud. The roasted chestnut signature, a grilled chestnut accord cosily enwrapped in Venezuelan tonka Bean, makes it deliciously addictive without being sugary. Almost smoked and then roasted, it is infinitely warming.

Florals available at retail price AED 820


Mood-Visual-Oud-Ambroisie-Mood-VisualÔud Ambroisie

Blend by Ilias Ermenidis

Ilias Ermenidis orchestrated a wood triptych blend. Sweet, enveloping and sublimely animal, oudh essence extracted from 20-year-old wood is exalted by leathery Virginia Cedarwood essence and a patchouli with rarely matched smoothness. The honey rose signature, woven with Damascena Rose infusion and essence, is enveloped with Provence Honey. It invites one to savour this fragrance like a divine nectar.

Ôud Bouquet

Mood-Visual-Oud-BouquetBlend by Fabrice Pellegrin

Fabrice Pellegrin, renowned for his subtle creations, blended a trio of bold woods composed of 20-year-old oudh wood and smokey guaiac wood softened by the enveloping sweetness of Copahu Wood. The Praline Rose signature, crafted from Centifolia Rose absolute, vanilla and a praline accord, gives it an enigmatic and infinitely seductive power.

L’Autre ÔudMood-Visual-L'Autre-Oud

Blend by Christophe Raynaud

Christophe Raynaud created a blend of 17 hand-picked raw materials that recomposes an oudh wood for an incomparable and singular depth. Dark and leathery, it wavers between the spicy nuances of cypriol and the shadowy depth of myrrh. The Frankincense Rose signature transports a splendid Damascena Rose, set off with saffron, into swirls of frankincense.

Woods available at retail price AED 890

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