Ramadan Gift Options From Taif Al Emarat!

Ramadan is here and so is your list of perfumes from Taif Al Emarat…

Taif Collection:


A mysterious warm scent, with hints of woodiness and spice, T10 is a wonder to experience. Its warm spiciness is an embodiment of the Emirates, bringing together rich warm notes of saffron and amber to the sharpness of pink pepper and cloves to craft an aroma of mystery intrigue.



The last of the Taif El Emarat Collection, T11 is the perfect ending to a remarkable collection. This marvelous perfume takes you on a journey of exquisite aroma. From crisp sweetness of green apple, to the sweet delicate violet, rose, and peach notes, T11 encompasses the feeling of love, beauty, and elegance into one impeccable fragrance.

Rainbow Collection:



R07 strikes a balance between the classic and modern, with traditional oriental notes of oud and sandalwood, the fragrance takes an unexpected turn by introducing a sweet edge to the aroma with the use of saffron, vanilla, and rose, R07 is a perfume that is sure to pleasantly surprise the senses.



An expression of the exotic, R02 brings together the sweet and woodiness. Its bright notes of coconut blended with the sweetness of rose and earthiness of patchouli makes R02 a tropical island in a bottle. For those who enjoy sweet fragrant scents, R02 is your ideal fragrance.

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