Feel The Caribbean Breeze With Tiv!

Fashion and beauty industry veteran and entrepreneur, Cynthia Jerry, is announcing the re-introduction of her classic fragrance called Tiv,  “A Caribbean Original”

Tiv was launched 35 years ago in the Bahamas. The fragrance was quickly established locally as the “Designer Fragrance of the Caribbeanand was widely sold in the most prestigious fragrance stores in Nassau. Tiv grew in popularity and soon became a favorite for tourists and visitors from around the world.

“We wanted to update Tiv,” said Jerry, President & CEO of Ocean (Caribbean) Distributors, Inc. While we were careful not to deviate from our unique original formula of bold florals and sensual spices, we think this contemporary interpretation is the most honest and sophisticated representation of the original fragrance. We know that our loyal legacy customers will fall in love with the 2017 essence of Tiv. Also, our test marketing promises new generations of customers who travel to the Caribbean, and enjoy the fun of treasure hunting on line.”

The essence of Tiv remains a unique tapestry of gentle floral impressions … Jasmine Italian and Rose Bulgarian … with shades of Myrrh and Olibanum from Africa, woven through like golden threads joining the whisper of an ocean breeze, the mysterious aura of the Orient … and the haunting memory of a tropical garden.

Tiv had a successful U.S. launch on Valentine’s Day, 1995, with Hecht’s Department Stores (now Macy’s). The Washington Post wrote at the time, “It is the first perfume made by an entrepreneur that Hecht’s has carried, but the downtown store has given it a prime spot between Calvin Klein’s Escape and Karl Lagerfeld’s Sun Moon and Stars …”

Tiv, A Caribbean Original

The Baltimore Sun wrote, “Ms. Jerry has managed to crack the highly competitive, big-name, major bucks perfume business with a new fragrance line. It’s called Tiv. And Ms. Jerry’s convinced a major department store – Hecht’s – to sell it.”

After several very successful seasons at Hecht’s, Cynthia realized Tiv was ideally suited for niche marketing and the welcoming environment of small, upscale fragrance boutiques, as well as the new phenomenon of direct sales to fragrance customers online.

Tiv was produced by fragrance industry giant, Givaudan. The renowned perfumer and Coty Award winner, James Bell, worked with Cynthia in the development of the original scent more than three decades ago. Kevin Dastis, who was a young perfumer at the time, worked with Bell. Kevin, now a top perfumer at Givaudan, has for more than a year, provided the expertise Cynthia needed to transition Tiv to a 21st Century fragrance classic.

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