Estée Lauder Introduces Next Generation Of Mystique Collection

New wood mystique & amber mystique in jewel-size 50ml

Wood Mystique & Amber Mystique 50ml - Expire Dec 2013Estée Lauder Mystique Collection, the first exquisitely rich and natural fragrance designed for the Middle East, launches in jewel-size 50ml. The special new size edition of Wood Mystique and Amber Mystique, are perfect to carry in a handbag or when travelling.

The unisex fragrance collection is inspired by the historically strong, vibrant fragrance culture of the Middle East and its distinctive olfactive preferences. The Mystique Collection responds to the desire for lavish, elegant fragrances which offer perfumed luxury and a lingering scented trail as a “hidden communicator” of quality and good taste. As with all treasured art, this rich and exotic collection draws from the precious raw materials, luxurious colors and textures as well as the history and human emotion of the Middle East – all handcrafted in a noble and dignified tradition.

Part of our fragrance strategy is to address local cultural tastes and preferences which provide the opportunity for a very unique connection with our consumers,” said Karyn Khoury, Senior Vice President, Corporate Fragrance Development Worldwide, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. “Estée Lauder Mystique Collection was inspired by the very specific, rich and identifiable olfactive palate of Middle Eastern consumers and their desire for a highly luxurious fragrance with strong diffusion and presence. Sparing no expense, this collection uses the most rare, expensive and noble ingredients – the iconic pillars of classic perfumery.”

Mystique Collection

Estee Lauder Wood Mystique

Drawing the best in luxurious absolutes from Grasse, the birthplace of modern perfumery, and honoring techniques and ingredients indigenous to the Middle East, Estée Lauder Wood Mystique is a sumptuous blend of ancient hand-crafted luxury and modern good taste. Treasured throughout history and across cultures, the iconic Rose blooms at the heart of this luxurious creation. The process of steam distillation, first discovered in the Middle East more than a millennium ago, releases the vital essence of this exquisite floral jewel, showcasing its mysterious olfactive characteristics, unparalleled elegance and femininity. Precious and rare Agar Wood,prized in the time-honored traditions of the Middle East for its ceremonial and aromatic role, brings a sublime and resinous dark aroma to the fragrance that is both majestic and enduring.

Estee Lauder Amber Mystique

Estée Lauder Amber Mystique is the second creation in the Mystique fragrance collection, which was designed to capture the mind, body and spirit of the Middle East. Exuding the true meaning of sensuality, beauty and style, as well as celebrating the power to renew and enchant, these fragrances are a juxtaposition of the elegance of tradition and the opulence of modernity while embracing the lavish richness of the land.

Now continuing the Mystique journey, Estee Lauder introduces new jewel-size 50ml Amber Mystique and Wood Mystique….the next generation of the Mystique Collection.

It will be available at Estée Lauder counters across the Middle East in October 2013.

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