Abdul Samad Al Qurashi introduces Al-Furusiyyah

Two unique fragrances, Black Incense for men and Pink IncenseBlack and Pinnk Incense_MG_6262

Abdul Samad Al-Qurashi has recently introduced Al-Furusiyyah perfume line which consists of four products featuring two colors and two different scents (black and pink)… Characteristically unique perfumes made from four aromatic blends inspired by the spirit of thoroughbred, daring and brave Arabian horses. When creating this product, the Company was keen to blend ingredients which evoke these traits.

Fragrance Notes:

Pink incense

Upper Note: Bergamot flower – lemon – refreshing water drops

Middle Note: Taif roses – jasmine flower – orange flower –rosemary – Ylang Ylang

Perfume base: Sandalwood – vanilla – patchouli – musk

Black incense

Upper Note: Bergamot flower– lemon pieces– peach

Middle Note: Taif roses – jasmine flower – violets– Geranium

Perfume Base: Patchouli – saffron – aged Oud oil – amber

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