Dior Fahrenheit Parfum

Fahrenheit Parfum: intense and sacred, exceptional and eternal.


A perfume of excess, Fahrenheit was born out of a succession of shocks; olfactory, aesthetic, metaphysical and cosmic. A unique composition, Fahrenheit has carved out its own terrain. An evolving identity and revolutionary.

And so a new chapter in the Fahrenheit Parfum story now begins, with an original composition infused with nobility. Fahrenheit Parfum has invented a new power of attraction. An instantly addictive scent underlines the harmony of the extraordinary olfactory accords. A composition where extremes blend together, where flowers meet leather and wood. A unique perfume that calls for an alliance of opposites, and balances the forces of a perfect eclipse.

Time stops, allowing the moon, the earth and the sun to coincide.The sky is the setting for this blazing union. Incandescent Fahrenheit Parfum is born of this almost supernatural moment, suspended in time.

 Fahrenheit: A mythical story, a breakthrough

Dior is a Perfume House in which tradition blends with revolutionary visions. Fahrenheit is a universe nourished from birth on a succession of shocks.

Its origins lie along a path strewn with fruitful conflicts and creative eruptions.

The first of these was aesthetic; the creation of Fahrenheit was originally inspired by two paintings designed by the American artist James Rosenquist -“Fahrenheit 1982” and “Brighter than the sun,”

Upon its creation in 1988, Fahrenheit reflected the force of this pictorial inspiration in its olfactory composition, a composition that played on an element of rupture, owing to a floral accord audaciously combined with leather and wood. There was also an element of, a powerful and mysterious note, which appeared by chance. It is said that a cask of perfume abandoned in a courtyard in the open air and in the sunlight, suddenly gave off an extraordinary, surprising emanation. Its power and beauty were immediately acknowledged, and it is this note, that was analysed and reproduced. The signature of Fahrenheit was born.

Its bottle too was the result of an unexpected adventure, its famous blended shades of red were obtained when the glass cooled unexpectedly. It was was the combination of all of these signs that truly emphasise the mystery and richness of the original Fahrenheit

Today, Fahrenheit Parfum is renewing its olfactory history, yet retaining its profound identity linked to prolific shocks and extraordinary natural phenomena.

An eclipse became the inspiration for its new accords infused with new distinction. Linked more than ever to the sacred forces of regal nature, Fahrenheit Parfum is reinventing its terrain, devoted to quasi-supernatural forces.

Fahrenheit Parfum, the zenith of natural

Quintessentially Fahrenheit, new Parfum heightens the scent’s nobility, its sensuality and its strength.

François Demachy, Dior Perfume Creator, chose to emphasize its immediate attractiveness to which generations of men pledge a rare loyalty.

“I did not want to create a caricature of Fahrenheit, which is already a very assertive composition. Rather, I followed its original structure by adding elements that enrich its story and emphasize its atypical personality.”

François Demachy

This fragrance is a vibrant and sensual oriental leather, elevated by new, rare, raw materials.The top note is even more suave than before, emphasizing a note of Liquorice heightened by vivacious Sicilian Mandarin.

The floral note remains understated, all the while affirming a new richness thanks to Violet Leaf Absolute, while Rum Absolute combined with notes of Coriander and Cumin give it a spicy charm. The base note, encompassing a Bourbon Vanilla Absolute, exalts the scent of Fahrenheit whilst emphasizing its vivid seduction. A perfume of imposing dimensions, Fahrenheit calls for an oversized composition that is rich, and yet controlled in its extravagance.

The eclipse becomes the inspiration for new notes. A harmony of opposites, strength and refinement, Fahrenheit is a fragrance as rare as the suspended moment of an eclipse.

Fahrenheit Parfum, the sacred fire

Absent, or hyper-present, promise or quest?

Essential questions and the search for truth lie within the mysterious eclipse. Fahrenheit is a universe that never ceases to question the elements, summoning their power. In the perfect chiaroscuro of the eclipse, the incandescent red bottle appears, immediately recognisable. Celebrating the magic of natural forces, the master glassmaker tames this molten glass, crafting its perfect shape with his expertise.

The new elegance of the bottle is revealed in several details. Its base is heavier, emphasizing the nobility of the scent. Its silhouette is stronger, affirming emphatic sophistication. A solemn seal of two symbolic letters, CD, is engraved on its base.

Fahrenheit Parfum celebrates the unity of the elements, and during a fervent eclipse, inscribes a legendary perfume in sacred truth. Quintessentially luminous, the magical eclipse emphasizes the existence of another truth, that of a unique terrain that decrees its own laws.

Just as the soul of Fahrenheit is forever different, so shadow combined with light invents new beauty. Fahrenheit, where time stands still.



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