Dehn Al Mubakhar from Swiss Arabian perfumes

Dehn Al Mubakhar

Dehn-Al-MubakharA befitting example of an age old tradition blending with modern flair, Dehn el Oudh Mubakhar is about those with a belief of maintaining their traditions & strong values, yet keeping pace with modern developments. This refined and new fragrance from Swiss Arabian is composed of premium quality Oud from Cambodia which yields earthy, woody notes depicting the strength of this lingering scent. Dehn el Oudh Mubakhar comes in an exclusively packed beautiful crystal bottle having a rich & superior outer packaging. Dehn el Oudh Mubakhar is now available in all Swiss Arabian stores across UAE and GCC. Please call 8006177 for more information.

Fragrance Pyramid:

Top Note :Cambodian Agarwood oil extracted from aged wood dust.

Middle Note: Cambodian Agarwood oil extracted from fresh dust.

Base Note: Agarwood

Capacity: 100ML

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