Christopher Chong – Amouage Creative Director

Christopher Chong is the Creative Director of the venerable House of Amouage.

Christopher-Chong,-Amouage-Creative-Director-(2)Unknown to the perfumery world, Mr. Chong first marked his triumphant debut in 2007 with “Jubilation 25” for women and “Jubilation XXV” for men with no formal training or experience, to now become a respected craftsman who defies convention and pushes artistic boundaries.

Mr. Chong describes his career as somewhat unconventional and his role at Amouage as pre-ordained. He attained his first degree in Comparative Literature from Fordham University in New York, a city he calls home where he was raised as an immigrant from Hong Kong. To support his degree, Mr. Chong started his own modeling agency dealing mainly with fashion editorial after which he moved to London to pursue a Master of Arts in Literature, Languages and European Thought. He later undertook a number of courses at the prestigious London College of Fashion.

Multi-disciplined, Mr. Chong commenced operatic training as Lyric Baritone during this time through private tuition for ten years. Working with some of the world’s leading opera teachers and coaches, he participated in many international opera competitions and festivals.

Not renouncing his operatic training completely, Mr. Chong now ‘sings’ various song cycles as the Creative Director of the House of Amouage. As he describes it, “It is bottling art and emotions.”

Adopting an artistic approach and using music as his inspiration, Mr. Chong expresses his vision through a series of narratives and is accredited with the creative transformation of the House. On the creative level, he works directly with leading perfumers in Grasse, Paris, Geneva and New York to create new fragrances in addition to developing new product categories. On the executive level, Mr. Chong is a roving ambassador and international spokesperson for the House. He is also closely involved in executive decisions about all other creative aspects of the company’s operations including those relating to marketing, PR, design and production.

Based in Amouage’s London office, Mr. Chong travels the world to meet with customers from all walks of life, which he believes is one of the most rewarding aspects of his role; sharing personal stories and journeys through perfumery.


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