Armani – Eau De Nuit


A new expression of the Armani spirit, Eau de Nuit embodies all of its fundamental elements: the simplicity of the design, the fluidity of the silhouette, that unique equation between architecture and nonchalance.

In a black glass bottle, Eau de Nuit is both Eau pour Homme’s twin, and its opposite: dark and profound where its counterpart is luminous. Inspired by the fleeting beauty of the moment when daylight turns to darkness, Eau de Nuit has been designed to be an olfactory representation of this short-lived transformation.


The intensity of bergamot and pink pepper, softened with cardamom, evokes the gentleness of the day’s last rays on the skin. Soon, the rich accord of nutmeg and the powdery tones of iris emerge: the final glow of the sun shimmers on the already black surface of the water.

Finally, the enveloping mystery of the night is reflected in the warm swirls of amber and tonka bean. Eau de Nuit becomes the symbol of savoir-faire and mastery of one’s art. Where man is given his greatest opportunity and his greatest freedom.

Eau de Nuit is the essence of elegance, evoking the magic moment when dusk blends into night.”   Giorgio Armani


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