Ajmal Perfumes launches a Signature Scent for the Youth

Ajmal Perfumes, the region’s multi award-winning fragrance house, is proud to launch its new fragrance, Prose which will be made available to customers across all Ajmal stores and distributors in the GCC.

Ajmal-Perfumes-launches-a-Signature-Scent-for-the-Youth-ProseCatered to the young and vibrant diva, Prose is a delectable, vivacious, and spirited fragrance that emanates a feminine, warm, and playful aroma. Impossible for any young lady to resist, this charming fragrance is infused with three delicious scent combinations designed to tantalize the senses.

A contemporary fragrance featuring the perfect balance between fresh, younger notes, and a more mature, and earthly aroma; Prose combines hints of bright and fresh citrus fruits such as orange, melon, and apple, with a fruity trifecta of strawberry, coconut, and sugar – all a brief prelude to an invigorating base composed of a rich laden amber, vanilla, and musk.

Whether these young ladiesare in search for a fabulous dress or exploring the city’s charm with friends, Prose is just the ideal blend for any occasion, leaving them with a delightfully refreshing scent coupled with soothing, warm, and long-lasting undertones.

“Ajmal is proud to have created a fragrance catered to the younger female generation. We feel that this perfume embraces all elements that define the essence of a young lady; fresh, vivacious, and fun! Prose projects a very youthful and refreshing aroma, with a fruity abundance a top a musk and vanilla base. Whether you prefer citrus scents, or warmer aromas, Prose is the perfect blend, appeasing to a diverse range of young consumers” states Abdulla Ajmal, General Manager, Sales & Marketing at Ajmal Perfumes.

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