A Scented Journey At Paris Gallery

The Woods Collection is inspired by nature and translated to an olfactive journey of enchanting mists… 

Inspired by the beauty of nature, The Woods Collection allows the wearer to immerse into an enchanting world of the forest. Available exclusively at Paris Gallery, each scent in The Woods Collection denotes different elements of nature’s woodlands, capturing its everlasting beauty and charming stories into bottles of unique fragrances.

The Collection

Woods---DARK-FOREST-(AED-490)Dark Forest

Inspired by the mysteries of the dark forest, Dark Forest recreates its thrill through this strong enchanting fragrance, based on bergamot and ginger and reveals a subtle background of sweet vanilla and neroli flowers.

Olfactory Notes of Dark Forest:

Bergamot, Ginger, Vanilla, Neroli, Woody Notes

Available in 100 ml, at retail price AED 490


Woods---GREEN-WALK-(AED-490)Green Walk

The unisex fragrance, Green Walk is inspired by the ancient ritual of basking in the forest. This bold scent features passionate woody notes, a heart of neroli and vetiver oil, and a floral background that has a touch of spices.

Olfactory Notes of Green Walk:

Woody Notes, Neroli, Vetiver, Floral Notes, Spicy Notes

Available in 100 ml, at retail price AED 490


Woods---SECRET-SOURCE-(AED-490)Secret Source

Inspired by a forest romance, the combination of vetiver and vanilla flower creates a sweet, intimate and a delicate fragrance that carries the wearer into a colourful and dreamlike world.

Olfactory Notes of Secret Source:

Vetiver, Vanilla, Orchid

Available in 100 ml, at retail price AED 490


Woods---DANCING-LEAVES-(AED-490)Dancing Leaves

Dancing Leaves is inspired by the forest in spring when the songs of the birds echo in the soft winds. Its delicate and generous rosy aromas, with woody heart notes invites one to a world of spring brightness. The bottom notes of patchouli and delicate white flowers will awaken the senses, just like spring awakens the woodlands!

Olfactory Notes of Dancing Leaves:

Top: Green Notes, Floral Notes

Heart: Rose, Sandalwood, African Geranium

Base: Patchouli, White Flowers

Available in 100 ml, at retail price AED 490


Woods---WILD-ROSES-(AED-490)Wild Roses


With its special blend of citrus notes, immersed into a slightly flowery heart of orange blossom, Wild Roses evoke the vigour and endurance of wild roses. In the base of the fragrance, a blend of patchouli and vetiver offer warmth and character.

Olfactory Notes of Wild Roses:

Citruses, Orange Blossom, Wild Rose, Patchouli, Vetiver

Available in 100 ml, at retail price AED 490


Woods--PURE-SHINE-(AED-490)Pure Shine

Inspired by the purity of sunshine in a summer forest, Pure Shine recreates its joyfulness. The blend features a delicate and sweet heart note. Mandarin and orange oils create a sunshine of fresh notes while citrus notes, softened with neroli delights and transports one to a magical world.

Olfactory Notes of Pure Shine:

Mandarin Orange, Orange Oil, Ozonic Notes, Citruses, Neroli

Available in 100 ml, at retail price AED 490

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