Actor turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger likes Guerlain’s Vetiver

‘Terminator’ star Arnold Schwarzenegger prefers the spring-time freshness of Guerlain’s Vetiver as his choice of perfume

Known for his masculine personality, Arnold Schwarzenegger shot to fame with his portrayal of the mean machine in the extremely popular ‘Terminator’ movies. However, the actor is known to portray romantic as well as comic roles with equal elan. Prior to the start of his flourishing career in Hollywood, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a professional body builder.


Currently, the governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger is known to like the woody fragrance of Guerlain’s Vetiver. With a blend of lemon and tobacco on a base of nutmeg and pepper, this scent stands out for its long-lasting fragrance.

Originally launched in 1961, the fragrance was relaunched in 2000 with a revamped look and continues to enjoy a loyal fan following amongst perfume lovers even today.


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