‘Iron Man’ fame Robert Downey Jr. loves the smell of Gendarme V

Popular hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr. prefers the strong and lingering scent of Gendarme V to go with his sophisticated sense of fashion

American actor Robert Downey Jr. is known for his power packed performances has an equally impressive choice of fragrance in the form of Gendarme V. The actor who earned, both, critical and commercial success in his younger days was also in news for his drug abuse and legal troubles until some time ago. However, the actor has managed to make an impressive comeback in some of the biggest Hollywood hits of all time.

Gendarme V
Gendarme V

Gendarme V stands out for its clean and uncluttered composition that is a perfect representation of the Hollywood star’s personality. The beautiful blend of earthy and citrusy notes in this fragrance is what adds a unique accord to its character. Known to be calming and uplifting at the same time, the fragrance has an inviting sillage that tends to linger on for extensive durations of time.


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