Emma Stone appreciates the floral scent of Gardenia

American actress Emma Stone who started her career with the comedy movie ‘Superbad’ likes the floral blend of notes in Gardenia

After appearing in many productions during her early years, Emma
took up acting as a full-time career and debuted on the big screen in 2007. In her career till date, the actress has established the strength of her talent through a series of power-packed performances in many movies. Ranked fifth in the 2013 list of  top 99 ‘most desirable’ women conducted by Ask Men, the actress prefers to wear the fresh and floral scent of  Chanel’s Gardenia that resembles her personality.


The gorgeous floral bouquet of notes in this fragrance makes it a rejuvenating olfactory experience. Gardenia was originally created in 1925 and was later relaunched in 80’s, citing its popularity amongst perfume lovers. With its timeless elegance, this fragrance represents a beautiful blend of modern and contemporary notes.

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