Future Society: Bringing Extinct Floral Fragrances to Life

The range was made possible thanks to DNA sequencing technology

Arcaea, a pioneering biotech startup, is embarking on a fragrant journey into the past with its innovative line of scents under the brand “Future Society.” Their unique approach involves harnessing DNA sequences from extinct flowers to inspire their formulations, a groundbreaking method that unravels the mysteries of these bygone blossoms’ scent molecules.

Arcaea collaborates with renowned perfumers such as Daniela Andrier and Olivia Jan from Givaudan, along with Jérome Epinette of Robertet, to craft the remarkable “Scent Surrection Collection” within the Future Society brand. This collection draws upon the extracted genetic data to recreate the fragrances that once graced these extinct florae, offering a tantalizing olfactory journey into the past. Arcaea’s fusion of biotechnology and perfumery promises to redefine the sensory experience, bridging the gap between history and modernity in the world of fragrance.

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