Victoria Beckham Launches Autobiographical Fragrance Line

Victoria Beckham is venturing into the world of fragrance with the launch of three unisex scents under her brand, Victoria Beckham Beauty.  These fragrances, namely Portofino ’97, Suite 302, and San Ysidro Drive, draw inspiration from intimate moments in her personal life, particularly her experiences with husband David Beckham. 

Breaking away from the traditional licensing model, Victoria Beckham is taking full control by producing these scents in-house. The distribution strategy primarily focuses on a direct-to-consumer approach, while also including partnerships with renowned retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Violet Grey, Selfridges, Neiman Marcus, and La Samaritaine. This unique olfactory venture allows Beckham to connect with her audience in a more personal and autobiographical manner.

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