Millie Bobby Brown’s ‘Wildly Me’: A Fragrance of Self-Expression

Millie Bobby Brown, known for her role in “Stranger Things,” is venturing into the world of fragrance with her brand, Florence by Mills. Her latest creation, “Wildly Me,” is a celebration of individuality and self-expression. Developed in collaboration with Givaudan, this fragrance offers a unique blend of notes like bergamot, sage, violet, purple iris, blooming wisteria, and lavender, capturing the essence of a “second skin.” The scent aims to evoke nostalgia and authenticity, making it a personal and genuine olfactory experience. 

True to the brand’s clean beauty ethos, “Wildly Me” features Orpur classified ingredients, ensuring the use of natural, raw materials. With its frosted glass bottle and purple branding, this fragrance is both affordable and an embodiment of Millie Bobby Brown’s dedication to self-expression through fragrance.

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