Sustainability Has Always Been In Eurofragance’s DNA

With the aim of finding and practicing safe as well as adaptable methods, Diana March talks about the evolution of a more sustainable future at Eurofragance

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Carrying years of experience working at Eurofragance, Diana March tells readers about how Eurofragance has evolved and how the company continues to maintain their sustainability programs.

ParfumPlus (PP): Tell us something about your role at Eurofragance. How has the journey been?
Diana March (DM): The journey started five years ago when I joined Eurofragance as a Regulatory Specialist. One year later, I took on the responsibility of the Regulatory Department. In 2019, the Technical Compliance Department was created, and I had the challenge to lead it. Since 2020, I have been spearheading the Sustainability strategy for Eurofragance.

PP: Our readers know Eurofragance as a boutique house for scent creation. Could you tell us more – how has the company evolved in the last five years?
DM: We are a young multinational well-known for our bespoke creations. Over the past five years we have vastly expanded our presence around the world, opening a manufacturing plant in Singapore, three affiliates, one strategic partner in Indonesia and four manufacturing partners, respectively in Brazil, China, India and the United States. We also underwent a corporate rebranding that properly reflects the organization’s strategic shift.

In addition, last year we launched our first captive, L’Âme du Bois™, an upcycled naturally-derived ingredient which provides a new olfactive expression for wood.

PP: Talking about Eurofragance’s focus on sustainability, how do you manage to ensure adherence to sustainable practices? Any special initiatives in your headquarters in Spain, and other global offices?
DM: Sustainability has always been in the company’s DNA. One of our main objectives is to have a sustainable supply chain, this is why we have published our first Sustainable Sourcing Policy as well as our Supplier Code of Ethics, to ensure the adherence of our stakeholders to our sustainability commitments.

We published our Sustainability Policy and made it available on our company website and internal networks.

In order to engage all Eurofragancers, we launched a global initiative, inviting each and every one to submit their ideas regarding sustainability. The Management Team will select the best ones and provide the resources needed to materialize them.

PP: Ensure, assure and reassure, tell us more about this approach. How does it help your organization and your customers?
DM: At Eurofragance, the Technical Compliance area comprises the departments of Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Formula Management and Health and Safety. Behind all our creations, there is a group of highly qualified professionals that ensures, assures and reassures our customers that the fragrances that they receive, will not only exceed their expectations from an olfactive perspective, but also surpass the excellent quality that they need as well as the tranquility that it will be safe for consumers and legally compliant.

PP: Tell us about the company’s ESG Policy? How is it structured? Has the organisation joined any sustainability programs?
DM: Sustainability is a transversal lever of our strategy and is part of our corporate philosophy and our decision-making process. At Eurofragance we have a Sustainability Policy, structured in five points: ethics and governance, sustainability in our value chain, people, environmental management and product and innovation. The policy is approved by the Management Team.

We have a Sustainability Committee in charge of overseeing the Policy, which is chaired by the Chief Financial Officer, a member of the Management Team.

Our strategy is aligned both with the SDGs of the United Nations, as signatories of the UN Global Compact, and with the IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charter.

PP: Could you give us more details on the initiatives under each of the pillars of sustainability – Environmental, Social and Governance?
DM: Our main Environmental initiatives are related to the reduction of our global environmental footprint. We promote local purchases and production. We own or partner with manufacturing sites that are strategically around the world to reduce our carbon footprint; in terms of energy, we have installed solar panels on our manufacturing facilities in Spain; and regarding water management we have water treatment plants on all our manufacturing sites.

In the Social aspect, we continue to support, both our external and internal communities with our Community Day; we keep CSR activities a focus; and internally, we are in the midst of rolling out our Gender Equality Plan globally, ensure our employees’ health and safety and apply requirements aligned with ISO 45001 in all our centers.

In terms of Governance, we can highlight the creation of the Compliance Committee and the position of the Chief Compliance Officer who ensures compliance with the Code of Ethics and Behavior, the Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Policy and the Protocol against Harassment.

PP: Given the pandemic, many organisations had to migrate to work-from-home set up. How did you manage this movement? What are the initiatives that were taken to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees.
DM: The movement to work-at-home was easy as we had already undergone pilot tests with some departments before the pandemic. In addition, a great job was done by our IT team to ensure our networks worked properly from remote locations.

Nowadays, to balance work and family life, we have established work-at-home policies in Spain, Mexico, Dubai, Turkey and Singapore.
Regarding the well-being of our employees, we instituted different work shifts for essential departments. We monitored every COVID case to avoid internal transmissions.

Regarding emotional health, we had the possibility to contact a psychologist within our employee medical insurance.

PP: Lastly, tell us something about the community day celebrations.
DM: The Community Day started in 2019, during pre-pandemic times. It was thought of as a day dedicated to community service in which all the Eurofragance community members from around the world participated in initiatives promoted by the very own employees.
In the first edition we undertook Solidarity actions around the world for 24 hours non-stop.

With the pandemic, and the impossibility of being in contact with people, the Community Day switched to online solidarity. In 2020 we donated to food banks wherever we are present across the globe; in total, we collected ten tons of food globally. In 2021 we promoted the donation to solidarity programs around the world, collecting a total of 8500 euros. Currently, we are raising funds, collaborating with the UNHCR, to send humanitarian aid to people displaced by the war in Ukraine.

Our biggest dream this year, once the pandemic is over, is to be able to continue with the spirit of community service of our first Community Day.

Read this post in Arabic

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