Iberchem Advance Their Journey To Improve Sustainable Sourcing

As Iberchem, the international fragrance manufacturer, works towards a better future for all, the company shares in the common obligation to take responsibility for their impact throughout the supply chain. 

By actively progressing in its mission to ensure they source responsibly and sustainably, with assured traceability and transparency throughout the production chain, Iberchem hopes to continue to empower and respect producing communities around the globe through sustainable sourcing. Alongside striving to improve working conditions, Iberchem also wants to give longevity to natural resources so future generations have the same access to natural sources as we do today.

Through collaboration with NELIXIA, a Latin American company that delivers 100% natural, 100% traceable, ethically sourced ingredients, Iberchem hopes to positively progress towards more sustainable value chains. Iberchem is broadening its knowledge with NELIXIA as they learn to understand more about its impact on the whole value chain, and how Iberchem can increase its contribution toward positive, sustainable sourcing. This partnership will also help contribute towards Croda’s Commitment to be Climate, Land, and People Positive by 2030.

Iberchem and Nelixia, Partners in Sustainability

Iberchem is actively progressing towards transforming natural raw material sourcing by sharing its NELIXIA’s partner mission to build sustainable supply chains based on ethical relationships, transparency, biodiversity protection, and human empowerment.

As a result, Iberchem and NELIXIA have established a collaboration to drive a project to further improve cardamom sustainable supply chains.

Alongside improving producing communities’ working conditions, this project will further farmer’s knowledge of integrated practices, agroforestry systems, and biodiversity promotion, helping to contribute towards higher yield and revenue. The resulting improved cardamom value chain will ensure farmers’ resilience to price fluctuation and future natural disasters.

“The objective of this partnership is to be able, at the level of our participation, to contribute and help NELIXIA to expand its range of products that are sustainably sourced while preserving the positive impact on communities. In addition, it is also an opportunity to establish a longer-lasting relationship based on trust and respect”, highlights Carole Bernard, Purchasing Specialist at Iberchem.

Improving Cardamom Supply Chain

NELIXIA has been working over the past 4 years to transform the cardamom value chain to move cardamom from a typical cash crop value chain to a more sustainable one.

Gradually introducing new communities to its scope has ensured quality support for each cardamom farmer from NELIXIA. There have been incredible results in the Alta Verapaz region in Guatemala with more than 170 ha of cardamom under an organic agroforestry system. As a result, Nelixia has decided to amplify its geographic scope in partnership with Iberchem.

The project will integrate 40 new cardamom farmers and families, representing 150 beneficiaries, into the NELIXIA group to further the development of a sustainable cardamom supply chain based on empowering producing communities, improving regenerative agriculture, and contributing towards poverty eradication.

“I sincerely hope that this collaboration between our two companies has only just begun and that we will work on many projects together. I hope to visit local producers in the near future to gain real insight into the many actions that NELIXIA carries out every day and participate in them personally”, says Carole Bernard. “A meeting between the producers and Iberchem would be very enriching both personally and professionally to better understand the origin of our raw materials and the use of these in our compositions. The commitment is growing together!”.

Image sources: https://www.nelixia.com/


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