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Discover Sisley's Les Eaux Rêvées collection, a scented world where fragrance meets artistic brilliance.

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Renowned sculptor Bronisław Krzysztof has redesigned the captivating bottles, adding enchantment to the lineup. The newest addition to the Sisley fragrance family is L’Eau Rêvée d’Hubert, a tribute to co-founder Hubert d’Ornano.

This fragrance draws inspiration from a climbing geranium in Isabelle d’Ornano’s Loire Valley garden. The essence of Egyptian geranium takes center stage, intertwined with fresh mint and green Bertolini. Woody cedar and patchouli add depth and allure, creating a harmonious olfactory journey. With six fragrances in the collection, Sisley invites you to explore a realm where passion, artistry, and nature intertwine—a tribute to the d’Ornano family’s rich heritage. Immerse yourself in these alluring scents, encapsulating the essence of generations past, present, and future, and be inspired by their enduring legacy.

Read this post in Arabic

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