Yves Saint Laurent-Y Live

YSL Beauté introduce Y LIVE-INTENSE

Inspired by a man on the brink of discovery – a man on the edge of success. Y LIVE, much like the classic EAU DE TOILETTE and the EAU DE PARFUM before it – is a Fougere fragrance which sits somewhere between the freshness and the intensity.

Y LIVE : The Man

A unique scent for a man close to the achievement of his path of self-discovery, and in turn is an elegant demonstration of the Y family’s creative, innovative spirit.

The path to success, after all, always starts with a question: when we ask ourselves, why? Conceived for a self-made creative on the brink of success,

Y LIVE is the olfactive embodiment of a man who is not afraid to take risks and to make life-changing leaps of faith.This is a fragrance which encapsulates the sense of thrill before the performance – and, perhaps most importantly, living for that thrill.


Created by the master perfumer Dominique Ropion (IFF’s House), Y LIVE is, like the other Y fragrances, a Fougere built around a binary structure, which plays on the duality of light and dark notes.

A  new  take  on  the  Fougere  form,  Y  LIVE  is  fresh  yet  sensual  with  two  very  distinct  olfactive  facets: it elegantly represents the two environments inhabited by a star performer, both on stage and off.

At the top are fresh, bright notes included to invoke the energy of a live performance. At the base, rich sensual strains are added into the mix in order to conjure the sensuality of a dressing room, backstage. Y LIVE initially reinforces the sparkling notes with Grapefruit. The Pear accord is the modern fruity facet. The  heart  of  Y  EAU  DE  TOILETTE  is  preserved,  but  softened  by notes  of  Juniper. The  absolute  Orange blossom reinforces and intensifies all the others. In the background, the dark sensuality dominates, contrasted by modern amber woods that revisit the EAU DE TOILETTE in a more oriental version, with the inflections of intense Cocoa and Vanilla.


The hard-edged form of the Y LIVE bottle is much the same Suzanne Dalton designed for both the Y EAU DE TOILETTE AND Y EAUDE PARFUM – which he describes as “an expression of purity”- sliced through by a bright metallic Y. For Y LIVE, the bottle has been reimagined it has deep blue fade out, rising from midnight blue at the top to a bright transparency at the base. This design cleverly limits at the dual structure of the fragrance within, an speaks elegantly of the buildup to a performance.


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