Tubereuse by Le Labo

Tubereuse 40 By Le Labo

Opening with a lovely citrus accord, Tubereuse 40 moves into a floral heart of orange blossom accented with tuberose, that accent shifts towards tuberose with the passing of time.

As with a classic cologne, Tubereuse 40 can be worn by either sex, but it departs from a classic cologne in its excellent lasting power. If you get it on your coat, you’ll still smell it several days later. And what better to smell on your coat in mid-winter than a whiff of orange grove?

Tubereuse by Le Labo

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Alberto Morillas


Top : African Orange Flower, Petitgrain, Tuberose, Tangerine, Bergamot

Middle : Jasmine, Tuberose, Virginia Cedar, Sandalwood, Mimosa, Rise

Base : Ambertte, Oak Moss

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