Winners Announced – New Luxury Awards 2020

The International Perfume Foundation Partnered with Beauty Cluster Barcelona and ParfumPlus Magazine for the New Luxury Awards 2020.  New Luxury Awards revealed an increasing number of natural perfumers and brands and an urgent need to innovate packaging to lead the perfume industry towards sustainability.

The New Luxury Awards 2020 acknowledged last night the 2020 sustainable perfumes and sustainable packaging following the New Luxury Code. Pierre Dinand and Catherine Disdet chaired the Jury. The Awards were announced online in a ceremony entertained by the very talented @Lalauraparis, artist and IPF Youth Ambassador.

Nominees came from everywhere in the world, showing that Natural Perfumery is growing worldwide.

The winners for sustainable perfumes are:

Brand Winner Pomare’s Stolen Perfume from California USA perfume Piano Tuner

Perfumer Winner Danica-Lea Larcombe from Perth Australia perfume Lilly Pilly
Graduate Winner MD Abdullah Al Roman from Malaysia
Graduate Winner  Omar Al Qattan from Kuwait perfume Cave
Student Winner Vedrana Perhoc from Croatia perfume Son Gant de Cuir
Packaging Winner Teal from California USA perfume Oriental Queen
Packaging Nominated Student talking about packaging sustainability Anu Kempinen from UK

The winners for sustainable packaging are:

In the supplier category: Teal Bio from California, a company doing bio-plastics based on banana peels.

In the brand category: No nominees

Anu Kemppinen, a student from the United Kingdom, reminded everyone that perfume bottles put on the market are only recyclable if each part of the metal, glass or bio-plastic can be separated.

“You are the new generation of perfumers, the new generation of brands and the new generation of suppliers. You are leading the change we need in this world, bringing back nature to our lives and showing it is important to come back to what is truly a luxury. And … Perfume is so important to reconnect with nature for our own wellbeing.”  said Creezy Courtoy

This was an important moment in the history of perfume. Surely next year will have more natural perfumes and hopefully more innovations in sustainable packaging.

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