Plethora: A Temple Of Unique Fragrances

Plethora, an award-winning, artistic perfume lounge was launched in The Dubai Mall, UAE. 

Facade - Plethora, The Dubai Mall
Facade – Plethora, The Dubai Mall

Initiated by a regional retailer and designed by Retail Access design agency, the concept invites discerning customers to indulge in the world of high-end fragrances in the comfort of a lounge, a museum, a gallery and a boutique, bringing luxury and creativity together in a unique space, where no detail is left unattended.


An artistic perfume lounge, named Plethora (from Greek “abundance”) delighted the market with a fresh concept. Inspired by discerning customers who are experts in fragrances and know how to pick the best, the new boutique presents a destination that pampers their sophistication and tastes.

Plethora-The Dubai Mall Consultation Table
Plethora-The Dubai Mall Consultation Table

Ahmad Malek, General Manager of Plethora, explained: “Our customers do appreciate the quality and exclusivity of the world’s most expensive perfumes and, therefore, might feel certain discomfort in the retail environment that houses luxury perfumes and commercial cosmetic brands under one roof.” Plethora is the perfect answer to the needs of those who are looking for unique, different and high-end quality products that are not available in conventional beauty stores.

In essence, Plethora is a world of unique fragrances contained in stunning bottles, fit for the elite. It took the team 2 years to handpick niche perfumes from all over the globe, such as: Nasomatto, Eight and Bob, Blood Concept and much more. All perfumes are of superior quality, handmade from natural materials and limited in production. Some of them are distributed in no more than 5000 bottles worldwide. Each bottle tells a story of creativity, brought as a piece of art for people who don’t accept anything but the best.

Retail Access was tasked to create a distinctive design of the boutique paying attention to every minute detail to provide a memorable experience of storytelling magic. Taking into the account the renowned names in the world of luxury perfumes presented in the collection, the biggest challenge was to create a brand that esteemed suppliers would be proud to partner with. At the same time, Plethora identity had to come above individual perfume brands to send a consistent quality and image message to its customers.

Dressing Table Display
Dressing Table Display

The interior design reflects the magic of breathtaking perfumes and the refinement of its customers. The fusion of modern and classical styles incorporates design elements from the most fashionable places like UK, France and Italy and creates a lounge atmosphere where every detail is designed to make customers feel comfortable and unrushed. Black color with ivory dominates for an elegant touch. A French dressing table from past centuries is accentuated with a modern steel trim; a classical Chesterfield armchair with simple modern armrests exudes an inviting ambiance…

The boutique is divided into three areas tailored to give visitors three different types of experience according to their requirements and personality. The first area facilitates a quick purchase while the second zone assembles a museum of perfumes allowing customers to enjoy the creativity embodied in each of the bottles. The third section is a comfortable lounge for customers who take time in getting to know more about perfumes and finding their perfect individual fragrance.


Those passionate about Plethora call it “a temple of unique perfumes” or a “gallery of distinguished fragrances.” But exceeding all expectations was the Multi-Brand Store of the Year nomination awarded by FiFi, the fragrance Oscars. “We feel very proud that our concept store was recognized for its uniqueness, selection and design,” Malek concluded. The lounge concept and experience will soon reach another level in a much more ample boutique in the Emirates Towers Boulevard.

Retail Access is a consultancy, design and retail architecture agency, part of Open D Group, a French Agency with offices in Paris, Dubai, Singapore, New York, Hong Kong, Geneva, Beirut and Shanghai.


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