Konig-Emerging Beauty Brands Gift Recommendation

Give the perfect gift this festive season

Konig-The new fragrance from Yosh HanKonig, the new fragrance from Yosh Han is fit for a King. Make someone feel like royalty this holiday season and gift them with an elegant masculine scent that captures the dual nature of man-gentleman and hunter.

Coming soon to Private Collection and House of Fraser.

Other recommended products/brands are:

  • Picture Polish
  • Sleep in rollers
  • Xen-Tan; Inst-Tan-taneous
  • Mona Di Orio Parfums
  • Atelier-Flou Paris

Available in Bloomingdales Dubai, Areej Stores, House of Fraser, Sisters Saloon and Hairworks.

For more information, please visit www.emergingbeautybrands.com
Phone : 043687288



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