Robertet,Klersun and Alponics form a Joint-Venture

Robertet, Klersun And Alponics Form A Joint-Venture

Robertet, Klersun and Alponics form a joint-venture for Swiss Hemp Oil Extraction and Sales

Robertet and Klersun, strategic global partners in hemp oil extraction, formulating and sales, have agreed to a joint venture with Alponics, a Swiss-based CBD/hemp production company, to expand cultivation and processing of hemp oil extracts for the Swiss market.

The combination of Alponics’ state of the art infrastructure, Klersun’s capability in hemp cultivation, extraction and science and Robertet’s natural ingredient leadership and market expertise will allow the new joint venture to meet the highest quality demands of the Swiss market and for companies wanting Swiss-made hemp extracts for use in their products.

“By vertically integrating in Switzerland with Robertet and Klersun, we will be able to provide the highest level of traceability and transparency to the Swiss customers of food & beverage, nutrition, supplement, cosmetics and pharma, who want to use CBD and hemp extract solutions in consumer products”, says Alan James Chaytor, Alponics.

Hemp extracts, in particular cannabidiol (CBD), have emerged quickly on the global market as a beneficial functional ingredient to general health and wellness. A diverse range of products, from topicals, food, beverages and supplements have been launched in recent years. “While there is much more research that needs to take place in order for the hard science to catch up with the consumer enthusiasm and demand, we are excited to lead in both this research and providing our customers with the safest and most effective hemp extracts to use in their products”, says Olivier Maubert, Robertet.

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