Adam Levine Shoots For Y LIVE-INTENSE

As an integral part of the Y LIVE campaign Levine features in a new print shot by Loïc Peoc’h and in a digital film,  which  has  been  directed  exclusively  by the rising director: Kim Chapiron.


Adam  Levine  is  the  ultimate  embodiment  of  a  bold,  unapologetic  performer.  A  natural  stage  presence with an acute sense of timing and the ability to hold his audience in thrall, Levine lives for the cries of the crowd, the call of the stage. He lives for the thrill. A bold creative force who well knows the adrenaline it requires to depart the enveloping comfort of the dressing room and enter the bright, intense, energy-inducing environment of the stage.

YSL Beauté is proud to introduce Y LIVE - INTENSE
YSL Beauté is proud to introduce Y LIVE – INTENSE

He is an apt ambassador for the perfume a it’s inspired by a man on the brink of discovery – a man on the edge of success. Y LIVE, much like the classic EAU DE TOILETTE and the EAU DE PARFUM before it – is a Fougere fragrance which sits somewhere between the freshness and the intensity.

The film, shot for the campaign,  is an  abstract imagining of the energy it takes to rise to the stage; fight against doubts and obstacles on the way, fading from the enveloping comfort of blue, rising up into the bright white light, symbolizing the stage and the audience  waiting  for  him. Eventually  we  discover  Levine  is  standing on  a  gigantic  Y- shaped  stage. He reaches the pinnacle and embraces his moment -proof that he really does #liveforthethrill.


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