Acqua Di Parma Launches Ingredient Collection

In the midst of the beautiful desert that slipped away so quickly in intriguity and awe! ParfumPlus team spent an evening understanding the exclusivity and admiring the lavish ambience at the launch of Acqua di Parma’s Ingredient Collection

The pleasure of traveling, of taking the necessary time to savour the spirit of a place. Like all great travelers, Colonia deeply explores other worlds and traditions. Each new departure is a discovery.

A sensory journey in search of the most rare and original essences, of ingredients that tell the story of an atmosphere, a vision of beauty, a way of life. It is upon return from each stop on the voyage that the real adventure starts. To make that rare and precious ingredient one’s own in a spirit of renewal, to imagine brand new compositions where Colonia retains its distinct identity, but is enriched with unexpected facets.

The result is a collection of sophisticated and evocative fragrances. Ingredient Collection. A travel diary of aromas, always open to new discoveries and fascinating combinations.

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