What Perfume Are You?

In the market for a new fragrance? Don’t know the floral scents from the oriental? Confused about which brand matches your intentions the best? We help you determine the best fragrance for you. Because we all know – the right perfume is a powerful weapon in the war of the sexes!Fotolia_40592339_Subscription_Monthly_XXL

Alluring, seductive, charming are few of the many qualities we would like to have, come the New Year…and the secret to possessing them is not really a secret. Fragrance has played a pivotal role in the game of seduction… but haven’t we always known that?

And it’s not just intuition. Studies and research have repeatedly proven that certain scents, when detected by our noses can trigger fear, pleasure, calmness and even sexual arousal. You can’t deny the fact that there is something about that strong Dior Farenheit scent or the intoxicating Chanel No. 5 fragrance that overwhelms us with the desire to…well…give in to our temptations.

Fragrance_Wheel_2010_EnglishHere, we give you a lowdown on different perfumes available and help you decide what perfume you are, so next time when you go shopping, you know exactly (or more or less) whether you are looking for a playful Coco Noir by Chanel or a fruity Lovestruck by Vera Wang! However, there are a few factors to consider when shopping for perfumes. These include your personality, your favourite smells, your taste in food, etc. Considering all these factors along with multiple fragrances at a departmental store, can surely get overwhelming.

Surrender to your desires

The key to picking the right perfume for yourself is attitude. No matter how good a perfume smells out of a bottle, you need to ensure that it works well with your attitude. So try out the scent personally!

Sniff the right scent
Who doesn’t enjoy trying on 30 different perfumes before deciding on ‘the’ one? But at the end of the day, we want to go home with the right fragrance. Because for most, it is not just to capture your essence as the bearer; you want the fragrance to smell amazing to practically everyone who comes in contact with you.

Now, this is where an interesting and fun process gets a little tricky. To make things simple for you, scents have been classified into basic categories like floral, oriental, fresh and woody. You are sure to find the right match that suits you and your intentions from these categories.

Floral Scents rl-romance

This is your regular go-to scent when the setting is romantic and pretty. Ralph Lauren’s Romance is a safe bet for the tender moments of a romantic evening. With opening notes of seductive musk and traces of marigold, white violet and oak moss, Romance gives you a strong and sexy confidence.

Or try Gucci’s Rush. Although the top notes are African freesia petals and damask rose, you can also smell the intoxicating flowery scents like patchouli and jasmine. With a touch of mystery to a pretty floral scent, Rush in an intensive red bottle has been blamed for many “love at first sights”.

Fresh Scents DKNY-Eau-So-Intense-Fresh-Blossom-BottleCarton

For all you women with an attitude, Victoria Secret’s Bombshell could be a bold option. With traces of floral fragrance coming from the purple passion fruit and an ultra-feminine scent of a vanilla orchid, it explores new levels of sexiness. Don’t just look like a bombshell, smell like one!

DKNY’s Be Delicious also deserves attention. A refreshing scent, a sophisticated blend of apples, grapefruits paired with a touch of woods and rose – what’s not to like! A feast for your senses, served in an iconic apple-shaped glass bottle with sleek metal, Be Delicious celebrates individuality with a refreshing spirit.

Oriental Scents YSL-

If you are inclined towards heavy muskier scents or spicy cloves, there’s no way you can ignore Dior’s Addict! Oriental fragrance with floral notes, Addict is best for an evening in a professional setting. With top notes like mandarin leaves and Bulgarian rose and base notes like tonka bean and sandalwood, the fragrance is modern, bold and straightforward.

A contemporary twist to oriental scents is best presented by the ever popular Yves Saint Laurent. YSL’s Belle D’Opium, with a provocative and strong tang from Casablanca lily and gardenia blended with incense, white pepper and sandalwood, will surely become your new addiction.

Woody Scents bvlgari-black-
If pine, cedar, sandalwood-like scents arouse your senses, then Black by Bvgalri is the right woody scent for you. Known for a coquettish style, Bvlgari is not afraid to use the power of seduction. With top notes of smoky black tea giving the wearer an urbane and a slightly masculine feel, Black gives an earthy edge to the dry woods.

Reinventing the patchouli, Tom Ford with his White Patchouli plays a charming game with jasmine, rose, peony, coriander, white flowers and of course, patchouli. Available in an elegantly shaped white bottle, this absolutely alluring perfume delivers rich depth and an uber seductive appeal.

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