Valentino Takes Makeup Concepts Into Fragrances

Valentina Poudre, the latest offering by Valentino, lays a mysterious veil of ethereal notes upon the materiality of the senses

Invisible and impalpable,Valentina Poudre, the new fragrance of Valentino delicately envelops the body in a romantic, passionate mist, making it all the more sensuous, feminine and recognisable.

With Valentina Poudre, Valentino brings the makeup concept to fragrances, transforming the scent into an invisible materialisation of the Maison’s world of beauty. Valentino uses Valentina Poudre to invent a magical art of dressing the skin while leaving it bare. The perfume is created by perfumer Aurélien Guichard and came out in 2016.

Valentina Poudre is delicate yet determined, ethereal and sensitive. Its sensuous sophistication also emerges through the design of the round bottle in a subtle shade of nude – more a sensation than a colour – embellished with a distinctive three-dimensional sculptural flower.


Olfactory Notes of Valentina Poudre

Top: Powdery Notes

Heart: Tuberose, Iris

Base: Vanilla, Sandalwood

Available in 80 ml, at retail price AED 485


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