Turn Up The Charm With Clinique Beyond Rose

Clinique announces its new fragrance Beyond Rose that seeks inspiration from the Rose flower

Clinique Beyond Rose
Clinique Beyond Rose

Clinique claims to have bottled the flower of Rose like never before. Sheer layers of the flower are concocted to build up an intense experience with hints of Amber and a shock of Pepper.

This scent owes nothing to the past except the certain knowledge that the fragrance is seductive. Modern, clean, sophisticated and worldly, the fragrance encapsulates the feeling of living in the now. Drawing its inspiration from the Middle East the new aroma is made with elements of oriental style. The perfume is dedicated to young ladies with a seductive temperament who hold the power to change lives and thus the world with the charm of their beauty.

Rose as the key note of the fragrance will offer countless layers – from soft and gentle ones to the dark and velvety essence of the flower using Rose Oil and Rose Absolute. The top notes are further accentuated by White Pepper, Freesia, Osmanthus Blossoms and Mate leaves. Its beauty is elevated by warm chunks of Amber, Labdanum, Styrax and Benzoin which add a resin-like sweetness and depth to the composition. However, the most interesting twist comes from a dash of Pepper, which with its tartness gives a unique signature to the new Clinique perfume.

Continuing with the concept of exploring new themes, the bottle is designed in a very ornate manner with intertwined flowing lines covering the entire surface of the tall bottle, forming a mesh of sorts of an intricate design on the pale pink gradient bottle of the perfume.

Olfactory Notes of Clinique Beyond Rose 

Top Notes: White Pepper, Mate

Heart: Rose Oil, Osmanthus, Freesia

Base: Styrax, Benzoin, Amber, Labdanum

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