There’s A Perfume For Every Occasion Says Jose Eisenberg!

There’s a fragrance for every day, every season, every mood and every personality. Jose Eisenberg, the Creator of Eisenberg, tells us more about perfumes for different occasions…

Choosing the best perfume is not an easy task. There are a lot of factors that you should have in mind like the season, your mood, your personality!

One of these factors is the occasion you are preparing for. Whether you are invited to an official occasion like a wedding or a romantic date, the perfume is an integral part of your look that complements your outfit and the message you want to convey. It is the invisible accessory that can boost your confidence and help you achieve your goals.

At work

We usually spend most of our time at work, so the appropriate perfume for a long day at the office should be delicate and fresh to be appreciated by your co-workers.

For the work environment, I recommend women to wear a floral-woody musk perfume like Back To Paris which creates a soft and discrete wake. It sparkles at its head on delicious fresh notes of Red Berries and Mandarin, and charms effortlessly with its delicate flowery heart.

Eau Fraîche for men is an invigorating breeze, driven at its head by the Bergamot and joined at the heart by fresh notes of Mint and Anis. It is a fresh scent with a great personality.

For a business meeting

When you have a business meeting, you generally want to impress the person in front of you. You can therefore dare a bolder perfume, saying, “I am independent, self-assured and confident.” The business meeting perfume should be bold, memorable, and enigmatic.

J’Ose is the EISENBERG’s iconic fragrance. Tantalising and unforgettable, it challenges all the codes and leaves a singular and stylish trail. J’Ose for Men plays with masculine notes thanks to more concentrated aromatic Mint and Armoise head notes, while the feminine version emphasises a floral heart of Jasmin, and contains more Amber and Patchouli. Dare audacity!

For a special occasion

Whether it is a wedding, an official dinner, a cocktail or a charity event, a special occasion calls for a special perfume. That is a perfume that reveals your personality and suits your official outfit. It should be strong and accentuate your individuality.

For such occasions I would recommend I AM, an enchanting fragrance that unfolds on the delicate Raspberry and the fresh Red Berries head notes, escorted in the heart by a floral bouquet of Rose, Jasmine, Violet led by Magnolia, while a persistent Amber and Sandalwood base forever prints the memory of a voluptuous trail.

Dia for men is a seductive fragrance designed for highly refined men. This captivating fragrance reveals all its strength and its freshness from its first top notes of the Cardamom and the Mandarin.

On a romantic date

Perfume is a powerful element in the seduction game. It has a huge impact on how people see and remember you. The perfect fragrance to wear on a first date with your potential future half, should make you feel beautiful, sexy and irresistible.

It took many years to perfectly encapsulate the sensual scent of pure love. Love for women is the captivating and warm fragrance of Eisenberg. A delicate and penetrating olfactory swirl with head notes of White Flowers, subtly melting with Current Berries.

In Love for men, the woody floral musk elegantly seduces with subtle accords of White Flowers and Currant Berries at its head. Then, the singular alchemy between Heliotrope and Rose in the heart flows through a powerful base of Tobacco and Sandalwood to draw a beautiful and passionate love story.

So, what perfume are you wearing today?

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