The Spirit Of Oud In Montale Nepal Aoud

Montale Nepal Aoud pays a homage to one of the most earthy elements that has persisted since the primitive days of perfumery

Nepal Aoud
Nepal Aoud

Continuing its series of oud-inspired fragrances launched this year and adding to Aoud Melody and Aoud Orange, Montale is now launching a new fragrance based on oud called Montale Nepal Aoud.

A unisex fragrance that is spicy, ambery and woody, Montale Nepal Aoud opens with exotic top notes of Nepalese Oud, Nutmeg from Sumatra and Saffron from Kashmir. The heart of Bulgarian rose and Amber soon emerge and settle into base notes of Madagascar Vanilla, Leather and White Musk.

Fragrance Montale Nepal Aoud is available as 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

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