The Essences Of Eid At Paris Gallery

Paris Gallery is making this Eid extra special with luxurious essences to awaken senses and set one apart from the crowd

Housing a vast collection of niche perfumes, Paris Gallery is making this Eid extra special with luxurious essences to envelop you and your loved ones. This selection of exclusive fragrances from niche perfume brands will awaken your senses and set you apart from the crowd.

kilian-pearl-oud-50ml-paris-gallery-aed-1950Kilian ‘Pearl Oud

For each of KILIAN’s six boutiques around the world, a signature scent has been created as an olfactive embodiment of the store’s location. Pearl Oud was created for the opening of the Kilian boutique in The Pearl Mall in Doha. This exclusive scent is an homage to Doha, its ancestral culture of the pearl and its magnificent mall where Kilian opened his first boutique in Qatar.

Available in 50 ml, at retail price AED 1,950

Roja Parfums ‘Amber Aoud

roja-parfums-amber-aoud-100ml-paris-gallery-aed-3450An oriental composition, Amber Aoud can be defined as a rich, soft, sweet, spicy, warm and sensual fragrance.

Lime, lemon and bergamot mingle with a sensual blend of jasmine, rose and ylang ylang, which is warmed by the spicy notes of saffron, and cinnamon, which swirl around a succulent note of fig adding richness to an opulent base of oakmoss, patchouli, and leather-like birch. This is then underscored by a blend of sandal and oudh woods and are softened by orris, civet, musk and ambergris.

Available in 100 ml, at retail price AED 3,450

clive-christian-x-twist-saffron-50ml-paris-gallery-aed-1795Clive Christian ‘X Twist Saffron

X Twist Saffron is part of a limited edition pair of playful fragrances, that enhances and celebrates a single ingredient in Clive Christian’s X Original Collection of perfumes. X for men is given a twist of precious saffron spiciness, lending a beautifully deep warm base accord, of exceptional character.

Available in 50 ml, at retail price AED 1,795

Maison Francis Kurkdjian ‘Oud Satin Mood

mfk-oud-satin-mood-70ml-paris-gallery-aed-1200Contemporary fragrance house, Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Oud Mood collection is an exciting homage to the star of this century’s perfumery – oudh. Oud Satin Mood conveys a desire to bring a shimmering Orient to life. Its composition includes natural oudh from Laos, rose essence from Bulgaria, rose absolute from Turkey, benzoin from Siam, violet and vanilla accord.

Available in 70 ml, at retail price AED 1,200

The Woods Collection ‘Wild Roses

woods-collection-wild-roses-100ml-paris-gallery-aed-490Inspired by the beauty of nature, The Woods Collection allows the wearer to immerse into the enchanting world of the forest. Wild Roses is inspired by the forests of North America and the triumph of beauty in the harshest conditions. With its special blend of citrus notes, immersed into a slightly flowery heart of orange blossom, Wild Roses evoke the vigour and endurance of wild roses. In the base of this fragrance, a blend of patchouli and vetiver offer warmth and character.

Available in 100 ml, at retail price AED 490

signature-garnet-paris-gallery-aed-850Signature ‘Garnet

Garnet from the Signature collection of perfumes is an oudh-floral scented melody that features an extraordinary mix of delicacy and strength. It is a combination that allows the queen of flowers, the rose, to create a silky feel and blend in well with the intense, raw oudh. The underlying powder of Garnet rests in this spectacular mixture of rose, oudh, wood and leather notes.

Available in 100 ml, at retail price AED 850

music-de-parfum-intense-pianissimo-50ml-paris-gallery-aed-1150Music De Parfum Intense ‘Pianissimo

Music de Parfum’s second collection of intense olfactive creations symbolise the dynamics of music from soft to loud, from delicate to powerful. Pianissimo is a soft and subtle fragrance that opens with a splash of fruity notes for a fresh start, followed by jasmine, animalic and sweet notes in the heart. In the base of the perfume, a harmonious combination of oudh and amber, musk and woody notes create the delicate lingering character of the fragrance.

Available in 50 ml, at retail price AED 1,150

moresque-aristoqrati-50ml-paris-gallery-aed-1741Moresque ‘Aristoqrati’

A part of Moresque’s ART collection, this unique Eau de Parfum is a woody-spicy fragrance sublimed by Madagascar vetiver that encapsulates the spirit of the aristocratic dynasties of the Middle East and hints at a particular bond between the sense of nobility and arts.

Available in 50 ml, at retail price AED 1,741

annick-goutal-ambre-75ml-paris-gallery-aed-895Annick Goutal ‘Ambre Sauvage

Ambre Sauvage by Annick Goutal is an Oriental Spicy fragrance for women and men launched in 2015. Top notes are patchouli and amber; middle notes are pink pepper and lavender; base notes are iris and vanilla absolute.

Available in 75 ml, at retail price AED 895


Sospiro ‘Ouverture


Ouverture opens up to create the right mood and set the stage for a glamorous and exciting day. The perfume unveils a fresh, light and crisp creation, a wonderfully uplifting blend.

Available in 100 ml, at retail price AED 1,643


byredo-black-saffron-50ml-paris-gallery-aed-610Byredo ‘Black Saffron

Black Saffron is an oriental composition opening with the bright citrus notes of the Asian Pomelo and crisp juniper berries, mellowing into golden silage by Kashmiri Saffron. At the heart lies black violet fused with a leather accord; their dark, dry composition born aloft by the delicate transparency of Cristal Rose. At the base, blond woods add radiant warmth and harmony, punctuated by staccatoed flashes of luscious raspberry. The journey concludes with the gentle, earthy evocations of Haitian Vetiver.

Available in 50 ml, at retail price AED 610


blend-oud-hour-75ml-paris-gallery-aed-922Blend Oud ‘Hour

Hour is the epitome of pure sophistication but preserves a naughty elegant aura. The symphony begins with citrus, followed by a rare pineapple note with a delicate sweetness that rounds out the welcome. A complex sequence of floral spicy notes of jasmine, iris and pink pepper are found in the heart. Finally, rounded off with a warm, embracing blend of patchouli, ambergris, musk and vanilla, and provide the final respectful bow to this unusual fragrance.

Available in 75 ml, at retail price AED 922


Nasamat ‘Oud Bouquet

nasamat-oud-bouquet-100ml-paris-gallery-aed-804A blend of eastern and western fragrant oils, housed in an elegantly designed flacon. The citrus freshness of bergamot, lemon and orange deliciously blends with Mediterranean fruits, along with warm, cuddly and sensual amber, vanilla and musk in the base makes a fragrance for hot and rainy weather.

Available in 100 ml, at retail price AED 804

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