The Canvas For Perfume

Do you wear your perfume or does your perfume wear you? If you are unsure about the correct method to apply perfume, read on…

lowres-how-to-apply-perfumeReading various instructions on how to wear perfume can be a confusing experience. Should you rub your wrists together after applying perfume, or simply dab the perfume lightly on the skin? Should perfume only be applied on special pulse points?

Every perfume and every skin is different. Therefore, guidelines on applying perfume should not be considered as absolute rules.

Perfume users often apply their fragrance on pulse points. Popular pulse points include the inside of the wrists, the nape of the neck, and the area behind the ears.

Pulse points are slightly warmer, which help to release the complex nuances of your fragrance. Musky and dark perfumes in particular should be applied on pulse points. On the other hand, the heat of pulse points can distort the delicate top notes of more sophisticated perfumes.

Depending on your skin and clothing, different areas of the skin will reveal a different character of the same fragrance. A covered surface will let stronger base and middle notes slowly seep through the clothing, while the more delicate top notes are muted down.

How Much is Enough?

When wearing perfume, it is essential to know how much you need to use. Use too little, and even you yourself will have a hard time noticing the fragrance. Use too much, and the overpowering scent may drive people away when it should draw them closer. (This may not hold true for the Middle-east user though!)

The first step to applying a proper amount of perfume is to know your fragrances. When you try a new perfume for the first time, start lightly and wait a few minutes before deciding whether you need more.

Take the occasion into account. For outdoors events, you might want to wear a little more perfume, because the open space and wind dissolves your fragrance. On the other hand, if you are going to be indoors, you do not need as much perfume to leave an impression.

If you know you will be busy for the whole day, you might want to apply a little more perfume. Or, if you have the chance, carry a small vial of your favourite with you all the time, and apply some when you notice your fragrance is drying out.

Layering – the Art of Perfume

In Arab culture, it is common to layer fragrances. This means mixing different perfumes, scented cosmetics and other ingredients together to achieve the most beautiful combined fragrance.

With hundreds of different ingredients and perfumes to choose from, layering is indeed a delicate business. A skilled person can create a unique and complex scent for every occasion. It is not in the perfumer’s workshop, but here, where the art of fragrance reaches its true height.

You can start layering by spreading moisturizer on clean skin. This helps to bind the fragrances together. A scented body cream, for example, can function as the perfect base for your following layers.

To avoid creating a confusing mess, apply perfume on various sites. For example, use pungent base notes on your skin, especially on the pulse points, and delicate top notes on your clothes or even on your hair. Remember that you need to use less base notes in relation to top and middle notes in order to create a balanced fragrance.

After you have applied all the products, it is time to let the perfumes do their work. Go find some friends or family and let them enjoy the unique olfactory feast you have just created.

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