Take The Sparkling Chance!

Delicate, dancing and sparkling, chance presents itself when you least expect it. Don’t let it fly away !

Chance Chanel
Chance Chanel

To enhance your fragrance trail,  Chanel unveils three new shimmering products for the body in limited edition, so catch them while you can !

Unfurling the notes of Chance, Chance Eau Fraiche and Chance Eau Tendre, they perfume and illuminate the skin with a subtle pearly sheen.

Chance Shimmering Body Cream

Its rich and silky texture wraps the body in an iridescent veil and moisturises the skin (upper layers of the epidermis), leaving it delectably soft. Its floral scent prolongs the trail of Chance, while its subtle pearly shimmer further enhances the skin.

Available in Jar, 200 g


Chanel Eau De Fraiche
Chance Eau De Fraiche

Chance Eau Fraiche Shimmering Touch

Like a caress of the skin, its velvety gel texture is applied in subtle touches to enhance the fresh and vibrant trail of Chance Eau Fraiche. Its delicate shimmer is a must for highlighting and putting a sparkle in your décolleté.

Available in Jar, 25 g

Chance Eau Tendre Shimmering Powdered Perfume 

Refined and feminine, the application with a powder puff deposits a cloud of tenderness on the skin and a fine dusting of shimmer on the body. A delicate and subtle illumination with a fruity-floral scent that revives the Chance Eau Tendr fragrance for ever-greater softness.

Available in Jar, 25 g



A floral fragrance created like a constellation. Jasmine, pink pepper and amber patchouli, form a sphere of scents in perpetual movement, in which any note can unexpectedly appear in an olfactory whirlwind, just like chance.

Chance Eau Fraiche

A sparkling-floral fragrance, filled with the energy of jasmine absolute, a “zesty” citron note and a teak wood note that asserts its vibrancy.

Chance Eau Tendre

A surprising fruity-floral fragrance in a whirlwind of tenderness intermingled with a grapefruit-quince accord, jasmine absolute and a white musk note.

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